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On Texas Holdem

A web site where you can learn all about Texas Holdem, the card game.
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On Texas Hold'em

Welcome to OnTexasHoldem.com where you can learn the basics of Texas Hold'em card play, puzzle out the various betting structures, or download free poker wallpaper for your desktop.

Because I'm an IRL (In Real Life) player and not an online player, you won't find recommendations for online casinos here, but you will find enough information about the game that you could call up a few friends, have them over for drinks and snacks and enjoy an evening of old-fashioned poker where no one needs an avatar.

Texas Hold'em Play and Rules

If you've never played Texas Hold'em or need a bit of a refresher, here are the basic rules and the order of play.
  • Texas Holdem Rules

    Poker Hand Rankings

    Can't remember if a flush beats a straight or what cards are in a Royal Flush? This page provides the poker hand rankings used in Texas Holdem, including sample hands for each type of hand.
  • Poker Hand Rankings for Texas Holdem

    Texas Holdem Betting Structures

    Don't know what a $1-$2 games is? Does the thought of "Pot Limit" give you a brain cramp? Check out these explanations of the various betting structures used with Texas Hold'em.
  • Texas Holdem Betting Structures

    Gifts for Poker Lovers

    Poker Gifts

    Whether you're looking for a poker gift for a fanatic friend or some poker room decor to brighten up your game room, I've put together some fabulous gifts with fun and funky designs, bold and stylish designs, a bit of retro, and a touch of class. These are 100% original designs, you will not find them anywhere else.

    Available items include poker wall clocks, throw pillows, poker drink coasters, t-shirts, decorative boxes, and more.
  • View More Poker Merchandise.

    Free Desktop Poker Wallpaper

    Six different free poker and Texas Hold'em theme wallpapers for use on your personal computer.
  • Free Poker Wallpaper

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